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There are times in an individual's life when he or she will need a lawyer. Some are happy occasions such as starting a new business, making legal arrangements for an upcoming marriage, or creating an estate plan to provide for your children and grandchildren. At other times a legal need comes during a crisis the most common being death, divorce, business disputes or criminal charges.

For many of our clients, Buskirk Law PLLC is their law firm for life. Generations of Buskirk attorneys have been serving generations of individuals and businesses in Silverdale, Washington, and surrounding counties for more than 60 years. We get to know you. You get to rely upon us. In a sense, we are a family of attorneys for your family's legal needs.

Advice You Can Trust

Some lawyers will do whatever the client asks, even if it is not in the client's best interest. That is not how we operate. Once you step through our door, we view ourselves as your lawyers, though thick or thin. That means we provide honest advice, even if it is hard to accept or not what you want to hear.

If we think that something is not a good idea, we will tell you that you may be wasting your money given the likely outcome. Our clients tell us they appreciate that level of frank advice. Even clients who don't like what we tell them originally, tell us later they wished they had listened. Not every attorney works that way. We do, because we expect to serve you and your family for generations to come. Our philosophy can be summarized as this: Once a client - always a client.

As a full-service law firm, our legal services range from family law issues, to estate planning and probate, to criminal defense, civil litigation and a wide range of small business issues.

Let's get to know each other. Call 360-633-2036 or contact us by e-mail to discuss your family law or other legal needs.

Our Mission

Serving the community since 1945. Two generations of Buskirks have been practicing law in Silverdale, Washington and Kitsap County since 1977. Two generations of lawyers have worked hard to handle the wide range of legal needs presented by our clients throughout their lifetimes. We are a full-service law firm representing individuals with issues ranging from divorce, domestic violence, and personal injury, to estate planning and probate services. For small businesses, we typically help clients with business formations, contract disputes and real estate transactions.

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